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    The Hybrid ladder is a simplistic cut back option to replace any Aluminum mobile ladder, all folding attic ladders and some staircases . Pricing varies with the height, angle, features and finish of products. Ladders are fully customised per specific client requirements and heights range between 1200mm to 3700mm*, angles between 60 & 70 degs. and 715mm or 575mm wide. All available for item specific pricing. (*Not all angles are achievable at heights between 3400 - 3700 mm, information provided after quote)The Hybrid stair is much more similar to a standard stairway in nature only much more compact. Stairs are fully customised per specific client requirements and heights range between 1200mm to 3400mm*, angles between 50 & 60 degs. and 715 mm & 575mm wide (795mm wide at two points due to hand rail Mechanisms, for stairs only). This version also comes standard with a patented, automatic compacting, Aluminum hand rail and OPTIONAL sprung safety gate .(so access way at top of landing is never open when stairs are folded flat to wall). Pricing varies with height, angle, fit and finish of product. All available for item specific pricing. (*Not all angles are achievable at heights between 3000mm - 3400mm, information provided after quote)
    When standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up. Folding up to the left, means it is attached to the wall on your left & folds up to the left.Folding up to the right, means it is attached to the wall on the right & folds up to the right.
    The STANDARD product Width Both Hybrid Ladder & Stair have a standard width of 715mm, for the Bamboo folding structure. The stair version comes standard with the Bi-folding hand rail mechanism, which increases the width to 790mm at two points due to the handrail lever arms.The NARROW product Width The NARROW Hybrid products are slightly slimmer at 575mm wide, making them even lighter and more adaptable to small ceiling access points or narrow hallways. Once again the stair version comes standard with the Bi-folding hand rail mechanism, which increases the width to 655mm at two points due to the handrail lever arms.See diagram below in RED Y
  • This is the vertical distance from the ground floor to the floor on the alternate level you would like to access. See diagram below in BLUE.
  • This is the USABLE GROUND FLOOR SPACE measured from directly below the top LANDING step, all the way along floor to the point where the lower end of the stair touches floor. See Diagram below in GREENE.g. If you have 2 meters along the floor to a wall. You would only really want the bottom of the stair to extend to perhaps 1.6 meters, so you could still access the lower ENTRY SPACE to the stair (YELLOW).
  • We require the dimension of the floor to determine if there is enough area to attach our product to the facade of the upper levelAdditionally this information is relevant if entering a ceiling hole where space is limited. The thickness of the surrounding floor can cause conflicts with the handrail mechanism if it is too close or too thick and then must be attached to the product one step lower (stair only)
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    All gate mechanisms are optional extras that must be requested during quotation.Generally, only used in conjunction with the Hybrid STAIR products as these are to access more regularly frequented spaces where stair may be folded closed whilst upstairs.These gates are an attached sprung spindle, enabling you to fit your own specific gate to suit your aesthetic if need be (Temporary gate is supplied as a template for any new one)
    A structural wall made from either brick, concrete, timber, metal or wooden studs under plaster. These products need to be attached to a side wall as well as at the landing. The closer to the wall the better, for stability and the most compact, flat structure when folded away. If your answer is NO, we may not be able to provide a solution with these products but please email and see if there is another option or area that might still work.
    Sealed Bamboo is a clear coating that protects from stains and mould and makes for a more durable product. This sealer is virtually invisible and highlights the natural beauty of the Bamboo.Stained Bamboo is a very thin, penetrating colour application that alters the look of the bamboo but is not a solid colour coating like paint, that creates a thickness and hides the material beneath.Please note: If you are planning on choosing SOLID WHITE as the colour preference, this is our most expensive choice as we need to apply 3 coats of colour stain to achieve a solid coverage, all other colours require only 2 coats.
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    If you are planning to enter a ceiling via a manhole, you will need to make the manhole a minimum width of 715mm for the Ladders and 750mm for Stairs with hand rail mechanism but wider than 750mm if the upper floor to lower ceiling thickness is extraneously large E.G. Between 250-400mm thick . To benefit the most from the flat folding mechanism, ceiling opening will need to be as close to attaching wall as possible, this also provides the best stability. Depending on the inclination of the chosen product, manhole will also need to be lengthened accordingly to avoid head collision with ceiling when climbing. The widths will also need to be the same for accessing a landing/Mezzanine if there is some kind of alcove or restricted entry point at the landing where the products are attached to, but no length requirement needed.
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