our sustainable vision

the importance of sustainability

Sustainability is at the forefront of every clever design we bring to life and our goal is to alter the current dependency on wood forestry in today’s world by creating enduring products & solutions the world has never seen before.

We have turned to Bamboo over the past 11 years & aspire to shine a global spotlight on this amazing product as it is the most environmentally sound, inexpensive & versatile building material in the world today.


Consumption of tropical timber by the U.S. and other industrial countries plays a significant role in tropical deforestation. The world’s natural forests cannot sustainably meet the soaring global demand for timber products under current forest management practices…                           Source: WWF, 2020

why we choose to use Bamboo

We particularly love Bamboo – an organic material of unsurpassed mechanical and environmental protective properties – used for millennia throughout Asia in it’s natural, & later, man-made forms.

It’s the first thing we consider when we sit down to design a piece, even before any prototypes are made or materials expended. Whether it’s for production, packaging, product lifespan or waste – we are committed to creating beautiful and functional products which will endure the test of time.

compact living at it’s best . . . 

By using this amazing material, we have been able to create our  first side-folding stair of its kind in the world, these the two unique & sustainable side-folding Bcompact Stair & Ladder.

These two groundbreaking products have unsurpassed strength, versatility & beauty, which at the same time, preserve the resources of our planet.

Creating the best living environment in the least space is why bcompact exists.

ZB – Founder of Bcompact
Munich, Germany compact living apartments

Amazing Bamboo Facts?

  1. Bamboo has been reported to grow as much as 39 inches in 24 hours.
  2. Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than the same amount of trees.
  3. There are over 1,450 species of bamboo.
  4. Bamboo grows on every continent except Antarctica.
  5. Because it is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, bamboo does not need fertilizers and pesticides for growing.
  6. Bamboo has a higher tensile strength than steel. It’s tensile strength is 28,000 per square inch, and steel’s tensile strength is 23,000 per square inch.
  7. Thomas Edison’s first successful light bulb used a bamboo filament. and one of those bulbs is STILL burning today at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC!
  8. Alexander Graham Bell made the first phonographic needle out of bamboo.
  9. More than one billion people in the world live in bamboo houses.
  10. Bamboo is not a tree. It is actually a grass.
Bcompact Hybrid folding stairs & Ladders bamboo
AirPort, Illinois

We do not buy into this ‘throw-away’ economy. We design products with longevity at their core; products that are built to last for generations, without built-in degeneration

ZB – Founder of Bcompact

our aim

our aim is to REVERSE the current global trend for careless destruction of forests, & bring these – and the habitat within – back to life.

With the current worldwide & growing movement to work from home, Bcompact is in the right place at the right time to offer you, our customers, unique & clever designs for your comfort & security, plus the separation of work & personal living space.

you, our customers, can contribute to the Health of our Planet.

The holistic approach chosen by Bcompact benefits everyone and all situations – which is why it is a win/win situation like no other! By choosing to support the use of these Eco friendly & sustainable materials, which have huge Eco friendly benefits, you too can be a proud contributor to the life of the planet well into the future.