beautifully simplistic Bcompact Hybrid ladder


the simple product 

A simplistic cut back budget option of the Hybrid stair, to replace any aluminum mobile ladder, folding attic ladders & some staircases.

Purely the sustainable Bamboo folding structure & spring mechanism. 

Pricing varies with the height, features & finish of product.   

These products are custom sized to your exact specifications & priced accordingly. 

Ladders cover heights between 1.2 meters and 3.7 meters with angles between 60 and 70 degrees.

Standard width of 715 mm wide with varying tread rise to suit location & budget. Now also available in new narrow version of 575 mm wide.

Bcompact Hybrid side folding Ladders bamboo sustainable vision future Loft conversions Attic ladders


original design features


The Hybrid Ladder’s unique design has cleverly incorporated fixed hand holds within the main structure, keeping cost & weight to a minimum & safety close at hand.

We also offer this version with a short stand-off, fixed handrail for added security & stability when entering from above.

  • multiple choice colour staining
  • Stainless steel, Brass and Alloy hardware, no ferrous metals
  • Special finishes for outdoor installations

Bcompact is extremely proud to say that we are the original creators of these amazing side folding stair & ladder innovation & the first to bring it to the worldwide market.


safe & reliable

Safety and reliability are at the core of everything we create here at Bcompact.

The Hybrid Ladder is unique in it’s design & is technically classified as a ladder under the Australian Standard 1657- 4.2.1. & NCC regulations.

This product is built using these building code regulations to ensure that your safety is never compromised.

With Premium quality & hand made processing & finishes, we have over 15 years of research & development and have rigorously tested & checked every product before it leaves our door, to your home.

Proudly hand made in Australia to the highest standard, delivered worldwide.  

Bcompact Hybrid side folding stairs & Ladders bamboo sustainable vision future pre-cut bamboo units Loft conversions Attic ladders
Bcompact Hybrid side folding stairs & Ladders bamboo sustainable vision future



Nothing competes with the tensile strength, flexibility, weight, versatility & durability of Bamboo. 

Used for a millennia in it’s natural forms and later in these man-made constructs. Bamboo is the oldest building material known to man and has a tensile strength greater than steel.

That’s why our Hybrid Ladders are made from specially constructed and sustainably sourced bamboo composite ply.

There is no other organic material that can compete with Bamboo across all aspects!


sustainable & eco‑friendly

Sustainability is at the forefront of every design we bring to life. Our goal is to alter the current world wide focus towards wood dependency & create a new, inexpensive, faster growing, eco-friendly & sustainable alternative.

This is top of mind when we sit down in the studio to design a piece, even before any prototypes are made or materials used in the workshop. Whether it’s for production, packaging, wastage, product lifespan & everything in between, we are committed to creating beautiful & functional products that will endure the test of time & not damage the environment.

These Ladders are CNC cut with virtually no waste & what is left over from the process is collected & repurposed for other creations.