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Product information

Essentially there are 2 main differences:

  1. The angle – Stairs have an angle range of 50-60 degrees. Ladders have an angle range of 60-70 degrees.
  2. And the fact that our Stairs come with a bi-folding handrail mechanism and handrail. Ladders do not. (a fixed aluminium handrail is an optional extra only for Ladders)

The basic Bamboo structure / body is the same in both products. People have different situations in their homes, e.g. some only have a very short space along the floor where the product will be placed, in this case they would opt for a Ladder with steeper angle, less treads with higher risers  and shorter run. Others have a lot more room and can go for a lower angle and would chose a Stair version. Stairs are generally more expensive because of their lower angle, longer stringer, more treads with lower riser heights and customized handrail mechanism and handrail.

In summary:

The Hybrid Stair is like a standard staircase in nature, only more compact. These products are custom sized to your specific application and priced accordingly. Stairs cover heights between 1.2 and 3.4 meters. This version also comes standard with a patented, automatic compacting, Aluminium handrail.  An optional sprung safety gate mechanism is also available (so the access way at top of landing is never open when stairs are folded flat to wall. Temporary gate supplied). Pricing varies with height, fit and finish of product. Options for bespoke heights and angles available for item specific pricing.

The Hybrid Ladder is a simplistic cut back version of the Hybrid Stair; to replace any Aluminium mobile ladder, folding attic ladders and some staircases. Purely the Bamboo folding structure and spring mechanism. Pricing varies with the height, features, and finish of product. These products are custom sized to your specific application and priced accordingly.  Ladders cover heights between 1.2 and 3.7 meters with varying tread rise to suit location and budget.

Both the Hybrid Ladders and the Hybrid Stairs are built as closely to ‘AS 1657-4.2.1. Fixed platforms, walkways, and ladders.  And NCC as guides, as both versions are considered ladders, even though the stair version has a handrail, optional safety gate and similar tread rise and run to normal stair requirements. But due to the never-before seen design mechanisms and compact functionality, it is difficult to relate completely to anything already standardized and testing legislation alterations are ongoing.

These Ladder and Stair products have been tested in house to SWL’s (safe working loads) of 200 kg and 250 kg, respectively, with a safety factor of 4 inplace.  Our latest in house ‘Breaking Test’ (in which we placed weight on one tread in the middle of a Ladder and increased the weight incrementally) resulted in breaking the testing equipment at 1020kg (2250 lbs) but not the stair. That is one of the reasons why we only use Bamboo for our products, for its very high tensile strength.

These products are specifically made from specially constructed & sustainably sourced Bamboo composite ply.  Due to its tensile strength, flexibility, weight, aesthetic, and unsurpassed sustainable aspects. There is no other organic material that can compete with Bamboo across all aspects!

We offer 2 finishes:

Sealed: a clear polyurethane sealer is applied to the raw natural blonde Bamboo to prevent stains from finger/footprints, spills etc.(seen far left of colour chart below)

Stained & Sealed: a colour of your choice plus a clear poly top coat (see image below, please note: colour matching is not an exact science when working from screens, we will do our utmost best to match your desired selection, but results may vary)

bcompact | colour rangebcompact | Sample colour stains sheet

* Depending on intensity of colour required, multiple coats of stain will have to be applied (especially for WHITE requests), price will be adjusted accordingly.

** We very rarely deliver products in an unsealed state, only upon special request if customer plans to stain and seal themselves.

Our Hybrid Stair & Ladder range comes in 2 different widths:

  1. the original Wide Version (basic structure): 715mm wide
  2. and our new Narrow Version (basic structure): 575mm wide.

However, for our Hybrid Stairs you must take into consideration the handrail mechanism, which has a small lever arm that sticks out sideways, adding another 78mm to the product width at these two points. (resulting in 793mm width for wide version Stairs and 653mm for narrow the version)

These widths cannot be altered, we are fixed on these two widths at this stage of business development at a worldwide scale. Also, the stair and ladder treads are the only standard parts that we can mass produce and stock in these otherwise fully customisable products.

Stair tread dimensions: Wide = 165mm x 700mm x 25mm, Narrow = 165mm x 560mm x 25mm  

Ladder tread dimensions: Wide = 139mm x 700mm x 25mm, Narrow = 139mm x 560mm x 25mm

Apart from the automatic compacting handrail and the optional security gate mechanism found on the Hybrid Stairs, locks can be attached to either version, fixing them into an open position or closed position at top and/or bottom of the unit, thus creating an unsurpassed security system denying all access between floors. E.g. completely child proofing your home from stair falls or keeping intruders out.

Product Location information

Our products are very versatile and can be customized to help you access many different areas, for example, if you want to replace a pull-down ladder to reach your attic through a ceiling hole, a rooftop terrace through a stairwell, a mezzanine level for a bedroom or office, or maybe just a storage area too high to reach in a garage, the options are really only limited to your imagination!

Suitable for a wide array of outdoor applications upon special request.  See below.

The Hybrid Stair & Ladder range was originally designed for out door applications. Generations since has seen it develop into beautiful interior locations. But it has always been intended from the beginning to be future-proofed for these exact scenarios.

Therefore we have always utilised stainless steel fittings and fasteners from the marine industry and other nonferrous materials. So with any requests for an outdoor application, we apply a UV & Water-resistant polyurethane sealer to the Bamboo frame, that then enables these products to be suitable for use in a variety of outdoor locations*

*  Special maintenance schedules must be adhere to. Not all outdoor locations are recommended eg. Beachfront locations or direct long exposure, sunlight situations.
installing and operating our products

Site specific fitting and installation is recommended to be undertaken by qualified professionals i.e. most builders, carpenters etc. but due to the simplicity of the product, most any competent handy person can install without any infrastructure modifications or special tools within a few hours. These products are generally shipped in a disassembled package to reduce freight costs and require assembly at location. Installation is carried out with assistance of a detailed construction manual; an assembly video link can also be provided upon request.

We also offer delivery and installation by us – Bcompact, if you live within a certain distance from our facility, charges apply according to distance of location and size of product.

These products are all counterbalanced with a simple spring mechanism so the act of opening and closing can be achieved by both the young and the elderly.  With children, it can be assumed that they are strong and large enough in their teens to be able to use all variants without restriction. Each piece is balanced to be almost weightless once installed.  Both can be operated from the ground or from the landing.  The Hybrid Stair uses the movement of the handrail to open and close the stair and safety gate from the landing or the ground and like the ladder, you can use the moving stringer to open and close the unit from the ground or the top landing.

Purchasing and Delivery information 

Yes you can, we do not have a public showroom, but you are welcome to book an appointment to come and visit our factory on the Central Coast of NSW Australia, alternatively we can set up a home viewing for you upon special request, as some of our lovely customers from the past are very generous and happy to have you come and take a look at their stair/ladder.

Products are Australian made and we ship worldwide via DHL Express, a shipping estimate to your destination will be included in your quotation. If you are local, then we will get the best local courier delivery estimate for you. If you are even more local, you are very welcome to pick up your Stair/Ladder from our factory on the Central Coast of NSW.

Each staircase or ladder must be tailored to fit your installation situation. To be able to provide you with an individual quote, we need you to fill out our quote request form with all your necessary installation data.

For us to assess your individual building project and prepare a quote, we need the requested dimensions as well as pictures, plans or sketches of the installation space. You can insert up to 3 images with your quote request form (JPEG file max 4MB).

Once you are happy with your quote and all necessary details have been discussed and finalized (this can take a few emails or phone calls back and forth), we would require a 50% deposit from you, to be transferred into our nominated bank account. When funds have arrived, you will receive an invoice with deposit amount applied and the estimated due date / delivery date of your product. Once your stair/ladder is finished and packed up, we weigh and measure the package to get the final delivery charge to be adjusted in your final invoice. Once balance payment is made, we will organize your delivery.

Our current lead times are 6-10 weeks, depending on the current workload. Your individual delivery time can be found in your invoice. Your order will be processed as soon as possible. You will of course be updated throughout the production process and informed in case of postponed delivery dates.

Upon receiving your product, we ask you to check all components for damage or defects before installation. We are unable to take back stairs or ladders once they have been installed if there is no technical defect.

We would ask you to contact us immediately, if parts are missing or if there is damage to your package or any stair or ladder parts. Please take several photos and document your findings and email us ASAP.

Of course, one of our friendly staff members will answer any questions you might have, please send your query to